Sunday, 31 October 2010

In the doghouse

Its all Hallows eve, the last day of October, one month since I was soaked whilst loading the ballast into the bilges and a lot has happened since.

I spent a few days in Oswestry with Colin and Steve to get the doghouse parts made and they came to help fit it all today.
It started off over cast but dry, but then turned to rain for almost 1 hour, and despite pulling sheets over everything, all the wood got wet. We eventually got the base frame bolted down with the sides hinged to it.

All looking good now and I have so much to get on with. It all needs easing with the router and then another good sanding before applying several coats of teak oil. Then I can get the glass cut and fitted.


  1. Very nice carpentry work - Is it going to have solid windows on all four walls? john

  2. Nice one Ames, it's happening. I had a look at all my build photos today on a slide show. Makes you realise what a job it was!


  3. Ive debated whether or not to have opening windows and decided against as the frame section was going to be obtrusive and its hardly nesessary when there are two large doors opposite one another and the canvas roof can come off easily when the weather dictates.
    Its been a hard week and im having a day off, in fact im having the weekend off for some relaxation, pampering and some social life tomorrow.