Thursday, 21 October 2010

Where does the time go?

Every day is groundhog day at the moment. I get up, go to work, do stuff for 9-10 hours and go home, day in, day out, week in, week out, while the nights start earlier and now the frost has started. Yet I dont feel as though im getting anywhere fast.

Maybe I need a break, maybe I cant see the woods for the trees anymore.

Anyway, the reality is ive done most of the wiring. I had put it off for as long as possible in the hope I might miraculously develop the inspiration I need to get involved in doing something I dont enjoy and dont understand too well. Its my weakest subject. But, its been holding up other jobs so Ive had to bite the bullet and get on with it.
So far ive run 150 mts of 2.5mm, 50 mts of 1.5mm and 100 mts of 0.5mm cable, but its about done.

Ive kept working away at the maple planking but I can only manage a few hours at a time before the neck ache sets in and I need a rest. I have made a start panelling the deck sides and with the change in the weather to an unseasonaly cold spell, im trying to get 115mm dia pipe to make the stove chimney. Im not going to cut the hole in the deck untill ive got all the parts ready.

I have also taken out, cleaned up and reinstalled the forward deck hatches using silicon and so far there is no sign of a leak.

So, thats where the time went, yet it feels as though ive stood still.


  1. You are making a lot of progress - I have the same problem on projects - Seems you look at the same scene day in and day out without anything to show for your efforts - but one day it all comes together. Interesting how different countries use different terms -
    in the states we use 16, 14, and 12 gauge to describe the common household wires. Keep up the excellent work. john

  2. The amount of progress you've made is amazing. With the focus you bring to the task, this boat is going to be in the water a lot sooner than any other DIY project I've seen.


  3. Hi, Can I ask what the 0.5mm cables are for please as that such a small cable?

  4. Keep it up Ames,looks professional with all those tails hanging down. Perhaps those .5s are for some leds?


  5. I have used .5 for speaker cable. runs are short and I dont intend having ghetto blaster amps banging out drum and bass.

    Ever heard the term, half the distance takes you twice as long?
    I own that statment this week. Busy doing nothing the whole day through.

  6. I was going to ask about the .5 cable too, but now you have answered I see although I don't agree. With all you are putting in to the project the use of some 79 strand IMO would be better for the speakers in case you decide to up the audio spec. later.

    We are so at the same point in a builds its uncanny.

    I too am having the same hiatus with perceived progress. Sometimes I fell as if hours of actual work should result in visibly more progress on show. I am having a week off form it next week while we have a week in the motorhome I built, ending at the weekend on our NB to shut it down for the winter.

    When I come back the engine & bow thruster are ready to be delivered, and the bill to pay for them as well.


  7. I know its not a race but with the daylight hours about to get another hour shorter and the wet weather continuing to penetrate into the engine room etc, I feel obsessed about getting as much done, as quickly as possible.
    My poor batteries also need their new home ASAP so I can give them a good charge. Its certain death, particularly in colder temps, to leave them in a state of discharge for too long.

    Im currently on day two of an enforced break due to a misserable cold, which, I have learned from experience, if I dont get cleared up, will result in further problems.

  8. Hi Amy,
    Can you email me your phone number (I've lost it) as I'd like to discuss your wiring please?


    Steve from Much Marcle

  9. Hi Amy,
    For those of us checking in on an irregular basis it is easy to see where the time has gone. Your progress is really remarkable.
    Love the photos and commentary; keep it up.

    PS Regarding one of your earlier posts about help from others: I'd offer my help but there are just two problems: I'd slow up your progress and it's too far to commute from the US!

  10. Hi Amy I see a lot of progress. It is really coming together. The other day I spent five hours working on my boat. All I was doing was adding a salt water dish washing pump. The end reslut (LOL I meant result but I like my typo) was a little foot pedal below the sink and a yet to be completed spigot on the countertop. Now that is disheartening. Your progress looks good.