Monday, 11 October 2010

The Doors

Ive had another rewarding day in the glorious Autumnal sunshine. Its no good putting off those jobs you would rather not do, like hanging doors.

Colin, Steve and myself made them last week and I gave them a liberal drink of Teak Oil last night. This morning they were dry and smelled of Linseed.

First task was to decide whether to square up the frame to suit the bulkhead opening, or to suit the doors. I decided they have to suit the doors, so I packed it all round with wedges to centre it in the hole and checked for square.

The doors needed some planing, and as per usual, I went too far. Have you ever tried cutting your own hair? A snip too far on side and you then have to do the same on the other side to match. Before you know, its out of hand and your trying to limit the damage.

Anyway, they are fine,

I drilled the frame and marked through the holes to the steel bulkhead frame, drilled that and tapped with M8 threads.

Counter sunk (counter bored for the Americans) and refitted the frame. Cut out the hinges and hung the doors. A little bit of fettling and they are looking good.

All I need now is some bolts and a lock. Ive ordered the glass and will get some architrave next week when I go to Colins to get the wheelhouse construction underway.


  1. Countersunk works just fine for us Americans. You are doing a very professional job on your new abode. I really like the way it is shaping up. I will be sending you a number of my prized black velvet painting of Elvis to complete your decor. Seriously - very nice job. john

  2. Thank you Sir, Thank you Ma'am, Thank you very much. Uh huh.

    I love a bit of Elvis.

  3. Amy you are incredible. You can do any number of trades. Impressive very impressive. The joinery looks fabulous. How did you resolve the leaky hatches?

  4. Over the years, I have developed stratagies for coping. I have found that I can get bogged down, over analising situations, going round in circles, thoughts stagnating and getting nowhere.

    As for the leaky hatches, I just need a break
    from them to make some headway doing something that will take my mind off it and cheer me up.

    I know they are still there, waiting for me.
    I should have done them during this spell of good weather but hey ho.

  5. paralysis by analysis. Know it well. Your boat is looking really good.

  6. That looks like a pretty big step just inside the doors Amy! :-) Stairs?

    Looking good, keep the pics coming.


  7. Rick, the step is so big I ripped the ass out of my jeans on Sunday. Now they are holy jeans and in the trash.
    I will make steps eventually but untill ive got a bit further into the project, Im unsure how I want them, so its keeping me fit hopping up and down for now.

  8. Oh, those bow doors, I thought you were going for the roro look!

    Nice work Ames.


  9. As long as you didn't hurt any of your assets Amy! ;-) Those doors would look perfect with some nice nautical designed stained glass! *IMHO*

  10. Sorry to dissapoint Rick, glass will be plain old see through laminated double glazed.
    Assets are fine as I didnt bang my head.!!!

    Billy, it would be all too easy to take a Tsunami sized bow wave and sink her.