Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Full steam ahead

Its full steam ahead now as I have less than 3 weeks before I vacate my appartment and move aboard.
Much of the internal painting has been completed and the work is mostly cosmetic and applying the finishing touches.

The bathroom is finally finished, all apart from sealing the floor. I don want to use varnish, prefering to leave the wood able to breath and flex, yet I need to proect it from water. Its so damn hard to find the right product which is totally clear, non staining, breathable and waterproof without being sticky.

There is one small problem with the head. It likes to fill its self when im not watching and I caught it just in time today when the water was only half an inch from overflowing.
Its just not practical to turn the water on and off every time its used as one day someone WILL forget, The fresh water tank is almost 12'' above the toilet pump and it gradually fills the bowl by gravity feed, bypassing the pump somehow.
Im toying with the idea of putting a solenoid valve in the pipe, opened by the flush switch

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Whats in a name?

To quote Billy Shakespere 'Whats in a name? That which we call a Rose would smell as sweet by any other name' is true, but a boats name is of great importance and not just any old name will do.
A name speaks volumes to us. It signifies status, intelligence, humour and vision so getting it right is more important than should be left to the luck of pulling a name out of a hat.

Im a great fan of double entendres, words with more than one meaning, reference or parellel. I have seen many witty names and should love to plagerise them but its not unique or original.

Names such as Flat Bottomed Girl or Done With the Wind impart something funny and clever and thats what I wish to emulate.

Fastest fingers on the button please, I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

No new pix

No new pix at the moment but its been a busy week. Mum has ben helping again and got the bedroom, galley and bathroom painting done. Maybe that doesnt sound like much but the preparation took ages and the final results are fantastic. Its almost ready to move aboard and im contemplating giving a months notice to quit my appartment at the end of next week. That means I COULD be living aboard by Easter.

Over the next week I have to complete the plumbing and wiring. I still havent got round to finishing off the shower stall and have lots of smaller things to attend to.

Now the painting has been done I know I have to stop making a mess and that makes me feel as though the project is moving forward.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Actually,..... it looks all white you know.

Another month been and gone, I realy dont know where the times goes, but gone it has.

Ahem......so what have I done?, well im not realy sure, maybe I was kidnapped by aliens and an earth month went by but seems like only 5 minutes.
Ok, its not as bad as it seems, lots of not glamourous stuff, all those small unseen jobs got done and a whole bunch of painting, and now it looks all white (thanks Mum).

Ok, ive sanded the maple headlinings in the bedroom and saloon, finished off the clothes hanging lockers, installed the 3x 220 lt forward water tanks plus pump and pipes, installed some more mushroom vents, upgraded wiring, added more cat5 cable, and many more things besides. Ive also added yet another water tank in the engine room. Ive had to make a few modifications to the layout to incorporate a genny ive aquired and ive just had my domestic water bill for the last 6 months and I now know I need more water storage cos im addicted to spending way too much time meditating in the shower. Total water capacity now stands at @ 1100 lts

Sadly, I also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time cutting fire wood. Im so glad I have the fire as its been a most misserable winter, (or am I getting older)?

I love the whitewashed look which helps to highlight the Maple and resembles a Spanish villa. The white is just an undercoat and ive opted for a mellow Primrose yellow for the bedroom, which I hope will give a gorgeous golden glow to wake to.