Sunday, 13 March 2011

Whats in a name?

To quote Billy Shakespere 'Whats in a name? That which we call a Rose would smell as sweet by any other name' is true, but a boats name is of great importance and not just any old name will do.
A name speaks volumes to us. It signifies status, intelligence, humour and vision so getting it right is more important than should be left to the luck of pulling a name out of a hat.

Im a great fan of double entendres, words with more than one meaning, reference or parellel. I have seen many witty names and should love to plagerise them but its not unique or original.

Names such as Flat Bottomed Girl or Done With the Wind impart something funny and clever and thats what I wish to emulate.

Fastest fingers on the button please, I look forward to receiving your suggestions.


  1. Naming boats is a toughy. I searched long and hard to find something unique for ours. I'm usually pretty good at naming cats though.

    Here goes:

    BIBMID = Built It By Myself I Did!

    Her Masters Voice

    Canal Queen (Doh!)

    Artemis (Apollo's twin sister)

    Amy Way You Want!

    I'll try to think of some more.

  2. Rub A Dub - Adventures in a Tub
    Fancy's Folly
    Parting the Waters the Hard Way
    Noahs Evolution
    Steel Resolve
    Iron Will
    Ferrous Oxide and Dreams

  3. Mine is currently referred to as the the MISTRESS by my wife. Apparently I spend more time with it than her.

  4. Haha Kev, that reminds me of the old joke
    'My wifes credit cards were stolen but im not reporting it to the police as the thief is spending less than she does'

  5. Hmmm! its a close run thing. I think on balance the MISTRESS is costing me a bit more ATM.

  6. Unbound Steel

    Iron Will

    Having a hard time getting the entendres in there but let me think on it over night

  7. To rework what Charlie said to make it more specific to you:
    "Anjou Unbound" - your nickname and your dream
    "Iron Lady" - Those who have followed your blog or learn that you built the boat and what came before it will know exactly what this means

    "Welcome ABroad" - perhaps too irreverent!
    "New Beginning" - perhaps too generic

  8. Hey,
    You changed your photo beneath the "About Me" heading. Is that photo referred to as your avatar? There are some aspects of the blogosphere culture that elude me. Anyway, nice pic.

  9. If you name your boat Artimis, then I will (re)name mine Alpheus.

  10. Hi Andrew and David

    Too many names and only one slot, I cannot decide.
    For long I have been star struck, ever since Carl Sagan had the patience to do what all my eachers failed to accomplish. Doesnt it blow your mind to think that all we see before us is the by product of a dying and exploding star?
    From those 94 true elements, all that has ever been on earth has evolved and been provided.
    Every single thing we have been made from and seen in our lives is a product of billions of permutations of those 94 elements.

    Nothing has been added or taken away from this planet. What we have is all we have. It cannot leave or dissapear.
    Forget counting the time it takes for the light of a far distant solar system to reach us, this realy expands my mind, and sooner or later everything will go back into the mix to be recycled into a new solar system.

    We live forever more as Stardust, traversing the heavens on our voyage of discovery.

    World without end


  11. Well, that settles it. The name should be "Stardust"

  12. "Dream Boat" refers to the boat and the owner/builder/captain.

    "Steel Dreamin' " 'nuf said.

  13. you can traverse the heavens...

  14. Heavenly Body :-)

  15. I second or is that third or forth it for "Stardust". Dreams that seem unreal and far from the hand; but in your case, your hand has become the vessel in which the stardust is kept. Best wishes, Bill