Friday, 4 March 2011

Actually,..... it looks all white you know.

Another month been and gone, I realy dont know where the times goes, but gone it has. what have I done?, well im not realy sure, maybe I was kidnapped by aliens and an earth month went by but seems like only 5 minutes.
Ok, its not as bad as it seems, lots of not glamourous stuff, all those small unseen jobs got done and a whole bunch of painting, and now it looks all white (thanks Mum).

Ok, ive sanded the maple headlinings in the bedroom and saloon, finished off the clothes hanging lockers, installed the 3x 220 lt forward water tanks plus pump and pipes, installed some more mushroom vents, upgraded wiring, added more cat5 cable, and many more things besides. Ive also added yet another water tank in the engine room. Ive had to make a few modifications to the layout to incorporate a genny ive aquired and ive just had my domestic water bill for the last 6 months and I now know I need more water storage cos im addicted to spending way too much time meditating in the shower. Total water capacity now stands at @ 1100 lts

Sadly, I also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time cutting fire wood. Im so glad I have the fire as its been a most misserable winter, (or am I getting older)?

I love the whitewashed look which helps to highlight the Maple and resembles a Spanish villa. The white is just an undercoat and ive opted for a mellow Primrose yellow for the bedroom, which I hope will give a gorgeous golden glow to wake to.


  1. Nice to hear from you again - It is looking nice - john

  2. Wow Ames, fantastic, you must be pleased. Like the way you have followed the door theme for the hanging lockers. All that work and a lot of it unseen but it's got to be right.

    Spring just round the corner, next year you'll be toasty warm and comfy too.


  3. You are doing a great job Amy. Its going to be a wonderful place to live once she's done.

    About the water storage. It occurred to me that if you were to put a 1 inch high edge along the coach roof you could capture a lot of fresh water when it rains with that huge expanse of deck. Perhaps not for drinking but certainly for showers and such. Let it rain for half an hour then direct the run off to the tank inlets.
    I don't know about you but water is starting to get more expensive as time goes by, rain is free for the taking.


  4. Sabre, ive been tempted to have two water systems, one for toilet and wash machine and one for drinking etc but I figured one will run out and there would be a surplus of the other, so ive made it all potable, that way its suitable for all uses. The annual boat licence includes water top up where ever I go in UK inland waters so cost isnt the issue, its storage capacity.

    Im dubious about storing captured water. The deck always has bird crap on it somewhere and it attracts a lot of dust too. I had thought about filtering river water via a series of pre filters and a reverse osmosis system. Even though its likely to be acceptable when passsed through a 1 micron filter, the presence of so much sediment will present a large filter element cost and maintenence regiem.

    The sensible option it to be more economical with its use.

  5. Thanks John.

    Billy, im sure its gonna be so comfy in all weathers and seasons

  6. Amy:

    You are incredible. The boat looks great. I can't imagine getting all of that done. Here I've been struggling to get the countertops and my dodger replaced for months and you have built (and engineered) most of a boat. Impressive. It looks really nice and professional.

  7. Wondered where you've been. Seems its coming on fast now. I've yet to reach that stage.

    What paint are you using and whats with the CAT5 cable? I have put some in for the inverter/PC interface, and as a precaution I have put some in from the helm to the AV area in the saloon where the main PC will reside.

    Not sure 1100L would be enough for my wife. With the calorifier we have 2350L. I of course could do a month on that. What do you women do with all that water?


  8. Hi Amy!
    I must confess that I am also addicted to the contrast between white and wood..LOVELY!
    Keep the good work up , soon the winter will be forgotten and hopefully a warm nice summer will give the fire wood some drying time until next time.