Saturday, 12 March 2011

No new pix

No new pix at the moment but its been a busy week. Mum has ben helping again and got the bedroom, galley and bathroom painting done. Maybe that doesnt sound like much but the preparation took ages and the final results are fantastic. Its almost ready to move aboard and im contemplating giving a months notice to quit my appartment at the end of next week. That means I COULD be living aboard by Easter.

Over the next week I have to complete the plumbing and wiring. I still havent got round to finishing off the shower stall and have lots of smaller things to attend to.

Now the painting has been done I know I have to stop making a mess and that makes me feel as though the project is moving forward.


  1. Think you will be in for big adjustment when moving in? Whats the projected date to become a floating home? Good progress.

  2. Thats a tricky one John, ive no idea how long it might take to get the whole job done and ready for launch. I need a rest, a change of scenery, to get my head away from the daily routine ive had, to get out and find paying work too, I need money and fast, so maybe I have to be realistic and put the launch on hold while I redress the ballance and get another life