Thursday, 28 October 2010

No pix and no progress

No pix for this post as there is nothing much new to show this week.
Ive had 4 days off and still dont feel well but the show goes on. I spoke too soon about the hatches not leaking as once again, rain is trickling through, this time bypassing the seals.
Im going to wrap the whole lot in cling film for winter if I cant find a satisfactory solution.

Im hoping to have a change of direction and make some headway with the wheelhouse structure over the next few days, weather permitting.


  1. You need to gather a few friends - take a day off - lift a few at the local pub - john

  2. A few pints equates to a sheet of ply or a box of sanding discs. But I take your point. I just want to get to the stage of weather proofness and i can relax a little.
    Not sure where my local is these days.