Sunday, 10 October 2010

Things are looking up but its a pain in the neck

Its been a long week. Started off Monday and Tuesday up in Oswestry with Colin and Steve making the Bow doors but thats going to be covered in another chapter.

Wednesday was a wash out. I had a streaming cold and was sneezing so often, I couldnt even see straight so I gave up and went home. Thursday was worse. Cold was gone but I had only been at work for 20 mins when I put my back out. It was bad Karma and retribution for cutting a spider in half with the vacuum cleaner nozzle the day before. I felt as though I had been cut in half and could hardly breath in or out, so I gave the equivelent cost of 2 sheets of ply to Harriet my osteopath, and she worked her magic. I spent the rest of the day doing housework, food shopping and sleeping.

Thursday was constructive, pardon the pun. I got the floor boards aboard, cut to size and laid with just a few screws in to hold them for now. Its bad luck to fix them all straight away. If I do, I will have to take them up for some unknown reason, but if I wait for an indeterminate time, it will be safe to fix them permanantly. Im not superstitious, it just seems to happen that way.

Friday, erm, what did happen on Friday? Dunno, cant remember.

Saturday, yesterday, I went and collected my Stove and had an interesting conversation. My fame has spread, and people have talked. Apparantly, im the one. The one who gave the boatyard a hard time by watching over them. Fat good it did as they still made the same mistakes as they always do. It seems that very few boats leave their yard in a safe or properly built condition. Many have leaks and other such problems. Nice to know I wasnt short changed.

I decided it was time to do some fun work. Ive got a large pile of reclaimed Maple flooring stored in the workshop and ive been waiting to see what it looks like as a head lining, so I routed out and made frames for the hatches.

Once I had found the centre of the ceiling, I could set out the first few timbers, but of course, once started, its hard to walk away, so I spent today adding more.

The floor has come up almost 7 inches and the ceiling lowered which gives 6' 1.5 inches headroom. More than enough for me, and most men too, cos despite thinking, wishing and telling us they are 6'6'', most arnt more than 5'10''.

After spending all day looking up at the ceiling, ive got a painfully stiff neck.


  1. 5'10" ??? That's a dwarf innit? I'm 6'3" (using a proper steel tape measure, lead pencil and mark on the doorframe) as confirmed by my other half, who would fit perfectly in your boat without getting neck ache :-)

    Seriously, good work so far. Great to see the progress you're making.

  2. Once you start dating, you learn most men wishfully think they are 6' plus but in reality wouldnt reach 5'10'' in lifty heels.