Saturday, 6 November 2010

Miss Marple stabbed me

Its been a tough week, what with the wind and rain, and all the up and down, up and down in the engine room and wheelhouse

Its been my intention for some time to get weather proof so I can get the batteries installed in the final resting place. It was too wet on monday to get the covers off to sand and oil the woodwork, so I concentrated on batteries. I soon realised that other jobs needed doing first like get the holding tank and water tank in place because I cant manover them in after the batteries block the access.

One job becomes ten, and before that, I want to clean out and paint. So there was rusty water to empty from the bilges, welding to finish, lumpy paint to scrape off, etc etc.
I have an old Marples chisel which I affectionately call Miss Marple. Its used as a scraper, pry bar, lever, gouge, punch etc, and an all round usefull tool.

So there I was, levering the lid off the paint tin when Dear Miss marple slipped and bit me in the palm of my left hand. A first glance showed a scratch but 10 seconds later, the blood issued forth.
I had fits of laughter as I recalled the Al Wilson song, 'The Snake'. google it and listen to the lyrics, its very poinient.
Then it occured to me that I had been attacked in the wheelhouse by Miss Marple using a chisel. Some people wouldnt have a Cluedo what im talking about but it was kinda funny at the time.

By Thursday, I had done finished welding, sanded and oiled the front half of the woodwork, fitted the bolts and draft strip to the front doors, been down the Forest and brought back 4 more of the 205 lt drums im using for water tanks, and applied one coat of red oxide and one coat of white to the engine room.

By yesterday morning the first coat had dried and I just had time to get the second coat done when it started to rain. And it rained, and the sheets leaked and the paint got wet and it kept raining and leaking and there was nothing I could do to stop it.
So now the engine room has 3'' of water in it again and when I look at the weeks work, it all seems a little pathetic. Im dog tired, the cold I had last week is still bugging me, my hands are sore, my legs are bruised and I need a break.


  1. I can sympathise with the wet. Although my cabin is watertight my engine area isn't. It should be but for some reason the self draining decks dont't.

    I suspect the temporary covering I have (19mm shuttering ply)is the problem, and I suspect its surface tension letting the water under the board, past the drain as there is a bit of curling, then dropping into the engine bilge.

    I have cleaned and primed it once already, but its gonna need doing again

  2. Referring to the previous comment - If you notice all outside window sills have a groove cut on the underneath side to break the surface tension.
    In regard to Miss Marples stabbing you - all my tools stay awake at night thinking of ways to injure me. I took a nick out of my finger with a table saw. The bad part was trying to drive a stick shift to the emergency room with a towel wrapped around my hand. Never did see a doctor - nurse sewed me up with great skill.
    Take a break - sound like you need a few days off - regards - john

  3. Just as a thought, on my steel 44' cutter I went and welded in a stainless 3/4" female nipple at the bottom of the keel sump and use a allen type stainless pipe plug to facilitate draining when I'm on the hard. It's the best thing I ever did and cleaning the bilge is painless now.
    Regards - Bob

  4. I got bitten a couple of times earlier this year by my angle grinder :-(

  5. Hi Amy!
    Long time no comment from me!

    You are doing fantastic progress and I´m impressed. Miss Marple gave you a little love bite..That´s what tools are for.
    Still keep a Stanley mat knife that has sent me to the emergency ward for stitch work twice. I guess it is satisfied now that it has managed to mark both left and right hand with handsom scars..
    Take care , hope that cold is over soon and that you feel strong and motivated to keep the good work up!

  6. Hey stranger, how are you?
    My scar is healing well but liberal soakings in teak oil isnt doing my hands much good, they look 20 years older than the rest of me.
    Im on my next cold, spent the day sneezing, all wrapped up in 2 coats and a furry hat.

  7. Not to worry Amy, I call it sacrificial bleeding. We do it to further the boats' health and well being. It lets the boat know we care enough.

    I figure I've donated at least a pint over the years to my various boats. I expect Sabre Dance is going to see more when I rip out the engine and redo the bearers, shaft log and prop support.