Thursday, 11 November 2010

Its an ill wind........

Its been a terrible week, weather wise. Worst storms of Autumn so far, and ive been kept busy for most of the week trying to keep the hatches battened down and the pumps running.
OK, I exagerate but on Monday I had to pump 50 ish of our UK gallons (count them)out of the engine room and fix the roof with a thicker plastic sheet to try and prevent anymore rain getting in.
Mission imposssible in these gales, so I resorted to desperation and secured it with battens nailed through into my beloved gorgeous timber. What else could I do? I hope a liberal coating of teak oil will sooth the damage.
Even the planks on the roof were being thrown off by the violent gusts, so I upped the anti and weighed it down with a few pallets.

I had a guy come and measure for the glass last week, but in typical provincial fashion, no one seems to be in a rush to get the job done and ive been phoning the guy all week to see where the glass is. Land line was set to fax and mobile went to answerphone. I must have got him out of bed at 08.30 uk time when he finally answered his phone, the bloody Dominican republic. Surprise surprise, hes on vacation.
So I had to go and collect the glass myself from another guy who was contracted to actually cut the glass. Grrrrrr

Despite the horrendous gales, ive risked life and limb to get 10 of the 15 fitted. It was so scary in the gusts and I couldnt but help think of the photographer in 'The Omen' whos time was cut short when he lost his head over some glass. It must have been a real pane.

Another break through with the wheel house roof. Ive been phoning round to find anyone who can make a canvas type roof cover. It seems a fair few makers cant quite get their heads round a 9'1''x 10'3'' cover with 3 inch sides. They want to make it so complicated beyond all logic and then charge the earth for doing so. Grrrrrr

So I eventually found a tarpaulin maker who also makes boat covers and gave me an over the phone rough quotation. But as usual, the course of life cannot run to plan. His man failed to turn up and measure at the designated time. No doubt, hes on a provincial timetable that has a large element of 'Manyana' allocated to it. Not even a phone call to tell me why. Grrrrr

Im a peak of temper, I took the angle grinder up on deck and cut a 6.5'' hole for the stove flue. Job done. Who says you cant cut a round hole with a cutting disc?

Im tired now.


  1. Its all sent to try us! I hate relying on other people, but sometimes you just have to.

    Can't say I've ever tried to cut a small round hole with an angle grinder. Not sure I would even try, and I've cut a bit of metal in my time.

    I bought a Plasma Cutter when I started the boat as I knew there would be loads of holes to cut, not least the windows. It has come in handy for so many other things. I would throughly recommend one to anyone embarking on a steel boat project. For example it took less than 20 seconds to cut each hole for the mushroom vents which are 115mm diameter. Its going to be great for cutting all the holes for the skin fittings. Plasma in action.


  2. Gissa go of your plasma Kev.
    Ive wanted a plasma cutter for years, of course not that I could ever justify having one, just for the odd occasion when it would make life easier, but after recently spending a day constantly shapening a drill bit whilst blowing holes through the engine room bulkhead, I crossed everything I had and wished for one.

    Now im getting well aquainted with a variety of holesaws. Thank you Morse and Starret, you are stars.
    I, of all people hate relying on others.

  3. Hi Amy you sure deserve a Plasma cutter!

    I´m impressed with your friendliness with the angle grinder but remember they can bite as well if the disk disintergrates. ( did happen to a neighbour when he was cutting a car up and he almost lost his hand.

    I know I´m a bit whimpy but with age I have actually started wearing suregon gloves when working with epoxy and most paints but I have the opposit problem to you , my hands look young and strong but the rest is looking a 100 years old...Should perhaps try the all body glove approach.

    Understand from your water collection readings that the hull is watertight in the bottom - what a blessing that the hull builders got that one right!
    It is perhaps time to put the bilge pumping system high on the priority list.

    When it comes to the Guys with a problem in keeping appointments I have a little trick that seems to work , When ordering work I tell them about other guys that did not keep appointments and how absolutely mad I get about such an outrageous behaviour , one day I might even get myself into major troubble due to this.....

    The weelhouse does sure give her a nice profile!

    Keep your head low and beware of low flying objects in the gale (s) !
    I can perhaps make them stand out in a little prettier perspective when tellin about blizzard with 7 degres below freezin here in the land of the Vikings and everything is sure white.

    I´m sure a much more whimpier Viking then you since I´m safe and sound indoors with descent temperature doing the electrical system on my little project.

    Take care,


  4. I'm pretty sure God invented boat building to test us Amy. If she didn't then we have no one to blame but ourselves! It's a common thread I've read in so many boat building blogs and sites the trials and tribulations that go hand in hand with these projects. I suspect I'll have as many or more than my share too! I truly believe it makes us better for it in the long run. How many boaters do you know that can honestly say "I built my own boat"? Certainly not the guy beside you in the marina with the plastic production boat. He's a faker! You, my darlin', are the REAL thing! Carry on!

    PS. The windows in the wheelhouse look fantastic!

  5. Thank you Rick.
    I guess its time you got going on yours too. After I got the last pane of glass in yesterday, it started to rain and I stood in the wheelhouse, daydreaming and started to spontainiously smile. Now the water realy IS on the outside at last.

  6. I think you are doing quite well on your project. Since I was not familiar with the type of boat you are building (don't think there are as many in the USA) I googled it - Surprised to find that some of them are 80 to 100 years old. No two seem to be the same and usually reflect the personality of their owner(s). john