Thursday, 27 January 2011

Im usually rather modest about my abilities but this week ive been rather chuffed, firstly with the tiling and now with the flooring in the galley and bathroom.

Im using the same Maple which I made the ceilings from and its a joy to work with as its so close grained and knot free. I first made the border and then infilled. Each mitre cut is 45 deg and its a testement to my laying out of bulkheads to millimitre accuracy that all the mitres are snug and tight, demonstrating how square everything is.

All it needs now is a good sanding and Im going to seal and protect it with teak and linseed oil.


  1. Nice work - having just finished a job involving mitering - I
    appreciate the quality of the work. john

  2. You're moving along at a nice clip Amy. I built my last two house's and it amazes me how long it's taking me to build a boat. I guess it has something to do with the lack of plumb, level, or square.

    Good deal.


  3. Try B&Q decking oil, its cheap and used by boat builders, It gives a nice matt finish.