Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cookin and good lookin

Look whats been cooking in my kitchen (galley). Ive been busy these past 3 weeks sorting out the bathroom and galley but the bathroom is still a work in progress due to the gas pipe which has to run under the basin and I cannot find the right tiles I want for the floor just in front of the shower tray, so im concentrating on the galley.

The galley is such a misch match shape I hadnt a hope of finding ready made units to fit and they arnt that much value for money either so I made my own. Done it all before years ago so its been fun doing it again, the same, but better.

I bought the washing machine and fridge first just to make sure what I planned would fit and work. Good job I did as the wash maching was intended to open into the bathroom but the layout of the waste pipe and cable didnt suit the position and I wanted to make sure it would pull out in case it breaks or needs replacing and that meant leaving even more room which would be a waste of space, so I turned it 180 degrees and it now opens to the galley but will be hidden behind a door.

So, I put in some partitions and set the counter top level above them. Cut a hole for the sink, coupled up the pipes and waste etc.
Opposite is the gas hob in its own alcove (which I call my inglenook) with an extractor fan sucking out via a mushroom vent. Beneath is the wash machine and to the side will be a draws.

The fridge fits in neatly with lots of space above and behind it which will make it more efficient. I still use the old chair in lieu of steps as it gives my thighs and bum a good workout, better than step aerobics but I have to make some proper steps soon. Ive been puzzling where to make space for the garbage can, erm, dustbin.
Ive explored every possible space and where ever I think of putting it will spoil a decent cupboard space and I dont want that. Then I had the brain wave of putting it inside the steps.

I was intending to make 3 draws under the steps but I think its a perfect place for the bin, so watch this space.

Still more to do but now the planning is done, the rest is easy.