Sunday, 23 January 2011

More galley pix

Just taken a few more pix in the galley. Ive made a few more doors for cupboards and the wall units above the counter.

The chair which has done sterling service over the past 5 months is realy on its last legs so ive turned it out to pasture and replaced it with some gorgeous steps which I made from reclaimed oak boards. The pix dont do them justice but they are realy neat and perform 3 functions. Firstly as steps, secondly they fl=old up to provide access to the shower pump un the bilge below and thirdly, the middle step folds up and the rubbish bin is hidden inside.
The top step finishes at the right level for the wheelhouse Maple floor to continue later on.
Its taken me two days to get this done, I dont know where the time goes but im more than happy with the result.


  1. You are really a craftsperson - Where did you learn all the woodworking skills? john

  2. You cannot learn this stuff, its like a disease you have to catch

    Ive been swooning over my steps today as I gave them a liberal application of linseed and teak oil.

    They are GORGEOUS