Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

How to make Hobbity style doors.

The arched doors look great but they arnt as easy to make as square ones. They are three inches thick and are hollow , so making the arched frame at the top is the key part.

To make it a little more interesting, one leaf of the door is an inch larger than the other. This will eliminate a door frame which would emphasise it too much and detract from the simple shape.

The gap between the two door faces is 48mm, So I cut some strips of MDF 48mm wide and cut one to 4' in length. Using the mitre saw, I cut a few hundred slots in it crossways, about half to two thirds the depth. This will allow it to bend gradually.

Next, I marked round the door, half an inch in from the edge and nailed on some blocks. I can use the blocks to help form the arch as I bend the slotted MDF round the door profile.

Add the rest of the strips down the door sides and across near the bottom. Ive kept it up about 1 inch as I will have to take a slice off to allow for the carpet depth at a later date.

Then glue and nail on the other side and go home for a well earned cup of rosey lea. The glue will be dry in the morning and I can sand it all to size.

Ive also been making the wardrobe with two sides to it, both have a door and shelves. In the back of it is the vent which will carry the ducted air to the back of the stove.

No Hobbits were actually involved in the making of Hobbity doors.

Other doors are not available


  1. Looks great - All you need now is a little ceramic hobbit to sit in the doorway. Amazing the amount of work involved in any project.
    What is the old rule - twice the money and three times the time planned for the project. Keep it up - it's looking better all the time.

  2. Ah, and I thought I was the only one with a gas hobbit. Neat doors :)

    I managed to stay within 10% of my planned budget. Did I tell you that I forgot about the entire wheelhouse, anchor, chain, winch, aux tanks, etc. No wonder I stayed on budget!

    When is boat warming party so we can trash (test)all your rather nice work?


  3. Very neat! I wish my boat had a hobbity door. Instead the square door is just hobbit height, which leads to quite a bit of headbanging -- sans music.

  4. Hi Amy!
    A late Happy New Year!
    You are sure doing alright even though it must be the worst winter in a decade or two..
    I must confess into running away getting a new teak deck laid in Porto Torres apart from installing a Bow Thruster.

    I recognise some of the methods from your door making, great!! You are the best!! I really admire both youre results and spirit!!!
    Eaerly spring and you both ladies will be carried away with the rocking of fair winds and waves...
    Take care


  5. Well - what can I say? No boat speak from me! Just a hobbit wanting to invite all the other hobbits to to stow themselves away for a free trip around the canals of France - a la Rick Steine!

  6. Hey Kristian

    I was wondering if you were aboard because you didnt reply to my email.

    Oh how I envy you being in Sardegna, I miss it more and more every day. That place got under my skin and I cannot ever forget it.

    Yeah its been a miserable winter and I hope we dont get anymore.

    Hope the decking is going well?