Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Another door

I didnt finish my door making tasks last time and there was one still left to do but as the bulkheads wernt even made, it had to wait.

Anyway, yesterday was the day, I was in the mood and these tricky jobs cant keep waiting forever, so I jumped right in and finished it off.

One problem with the double sided bulkhead is the cavity between, which needs closing off. Easy enough when the door is square but with the arch it needs a curved filler piece.

So I made one, made a couple, one for beedroom and one for bathroom. I laminated two strips of scored MDF, slapped loads of PVA glue on, and bent them round a former made from the offcuts to match the tops of the doors. I hung it up above the stove to dry the glue faster while I got on with making the bathroom door.

A simple frame laminated between two layers and sanded to shape, it fills a hole and looks very rustic. I think the pix say it all.


  1. Looks great - how's the stove working out? john

  2. Idris is just fine. A little hungry at times but whilst the wood is free, its all cheap heat. Ive got the hang of lighting it now and starting from cold each morning is the worst case senario. If it were kept in all night and the overall inside temp was stable it would be perfect