Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Warmer weather

Who would have thawed it?

The ice and snow have been repelled by a warm front for a few days and im glad for the respite, even though its still cold enough to need the warming properties of Idris my stove.

For those of you who maybe live over the pond or in a time warp, Idris is the dragon in a cartoon called Ivor the Engine, and Idris lives in the firebox and heats the steam. You can see Idris on the side plates of the stove but due to his magical abilities, he will appear as a Squirrel. (its more realistic if your pissed and have a vivid imagaination)

Ok, I confess, ive been drinking and can only offer gibberish. Its been another busy week, constructing the shower stall and the other bulkheads which form the head (bathroom). Ive bought a wash machine online from Tesco and whilst it might have been cheap, it sure raised my blood pressure trying to navigate my way through the bollox website which must have been designed by a retard. So I emailed them to complain and today received a reply which did nothing to address my email but simply to offer a standard reply which directed me to engage in further time wasting. Grrrr

Untill the machine arrives next Tuesday, I cannot move forward as I need the exact dimensions, so Ive diverted my attentions to the bedroom wardrobes. I will take some pix when there is sufficient daylight.

So, we end this year in a very different place to which we started. 12 months ago, I hadnt a clue what I was going to do with my life, one door had closed and I couldnt even find another through which to take a look.
Now look what ive gone and got myself into. As one cheeky sod put it, I own a dredger. He would say that as hes the owner of a new Oyster 46, but he does admit I have more value for money.

My dream is growing more real every day.


  1. The completion is getting more real by the month. Where do you intend to moor or are you going to be traveling? regards - john

  2. I dunno John, one day and bridge at a time for now, im already killing myself building it.
    Im kinda hoping I might win the Lotto by then and can load it on a trailer and have it delivered somewhere warm, peacefull and fun.

    Well, that was the dream, ......and then I woke up.

  3. Hi Amy

    I'll race you to being afloat. :-) Looks like your ahead of me a bit ATM. I want to do work in my engine bay but it never dries out long enough to get a crack at it, and I can't get Wilsons to come out and make a pram hood.

    I am now waiting for stuff as well, although I'm sure you will find the dimensions of the WM on line. But if your like me you'd prefer to have it in the flesh first.

  4. Hi Kevin
    Im not racing, that will only spoil the enjoyment im currently experiencing of Groundhog Day crossed with Life in the Freezer.

    I guess I will have several months of fun in the engine room once the living quarters are done. I have to make a Schilling rudder, engine wiring loom, fuel system, exhaust, plumbing, properly mount the engine (boat yard fitted it against my instructions and its 1.25'' out of line) and engine controls, and a dual helm system. So, im not underestimating the time that will take.

  5. Ive got the WM dimensions but they dont tell me which side the waste pipe exits or the height of the base, the door etc. I need these so I can acurately build it in and minimise the pipe run and angles etc.

    The devil is always in the detail. Always.

  6. I have been working on mine this afternoon and for the first time in AGES I haven't had the heating on.

    The race was a rhetorical taunt! and yes the devel is in the detail, especially if you are like us and like to over analise.

    Do you have a Schilling rudder design? I have read various comments on their value over a standard "flap".

    I do know form speaking to the owner of my sister boat that the rudder that come with the design is less than it could be.

  7. I do sometimes suffer with analysis paralasis, and I ponder every detail just incase ive missed something. It slows progress but at least I feel ive thought of every option.

    Ive got reams of paperwork here on Schilling and Kort rudders and also full drawings and even a wood template for the profile to suit a cruiser stern NB

    3X 8mm plate ribs, mounted on the rudder stock and wrapped with 3mm sheet. A wider 'fence' at top and bottom prevent water migrating away.

    Simples. I can get the ribs laser cut, clading it without heat might be tricky to get the fish shape

  8. Send me the details. I could plasma cut them............. I LOVE MY PLASMA :-)

    I feel like Bender in Futurama but with a Plasma instead of bending.