Friday, 24 December 2010

Ive given up trying to add more posts. Ive written so many and this useless net connection has lost the lot, so here are some pix. Ok, seems like they are finally going. Ive included some winter scenes just to show you softies what minus 10 celcius looks like, certainly no fun to work in, even with the assistance of my trusty boat stove.

Finally got the canvas roof fitted on the wheelhouse. Colin and Steve delivered the pair of doors and its taken me a week to fit them but they finally fit the holes and keep snow out, just need some architrave around them. Door locks wouldnt fit in the door stiles so ive mounted them in the steel door frame, just to be different. So now the door handle isnt in the door, im sure that will confuse anyone hoping to break in.

Ive had some stainless channel folded which not only provides a frame for the canvas pop studs to clip to, it also stiffens the whole structure and makes a door lintle with rain gutter.


  1. I forgot to add, do you like my multi work bench?
    2 old pallets screwed back to back with a ply top in which ive mounted the router and saw. It can go on the fire when im done and didnt cost a dime.

  2. You are very resourceful - I certainly looks cold there. Be glad you are not sleeping on the floor of some airport trying to get somewhere. Excellent job so far. john