Sunday, 26 December 2010

My blogs are like buses, - nothing for a month, then three come along all at once.
Although its deathly cold down on the faaarm at the moment, it stops me from standing still for too long and ive been getting loads done.
When I woke this morning it was minus 13c and the condensation on the inside of my double glazed beedroom windows had turned to ice. Im glad it was w slightly warmer -11 at the boat and now ive got the hang of lighting the stove, it soon warms up.

Today, ive mostly been making the shower cubicle. Framed out with 3x2 and ply covered, it has the plumbing coming through from the engine room and a hole cut ready in the floor for the outlet to run into the Whale pump beneath.

Other bulkheads are taking shape, incorporating hobbity style doorways.


  1. Getting to look like a home - john

  2. Nice to see you back at it Amy. Very nice work too. I love the Hobbity doors!

    Happy New Year.



  3. Remarkable progress, given the cold; or even if it was warm there it would be remarkable. Here in the NE USA I am quite content to stay inside and work on my research rather than venture out into what you would regard as a balmy -2 C.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Amy it looks fabulous. Any hobbit would be proud to walk thru your doors kick there feet up on the wood stove and light up a pipe. Simply amazing job. Just for a reality check you are doing this yourself right ( no Hobbit slaves hiding in the bilge).

  5. Im all on my lonesome Charlie, and there are times when some company and help wouldnt go amiss but the rest of the time im happy to plod on alone in my little world.

    I talk to myself a lot, its nice to have a second opinion, one I can rely on, one I know I can trust, and we never fall out or have a crossed word cos im always right, and nothing I can say ever shocks or surprises me and I never get on my nerves. I dont have arguments or need to explain anything, and everything is done my way. Just as I like it.


  6. I am more and more impressed every time I see a new post. I don't know if I believe you don't have Hobbit help JK