Friday, 4 February 2011

Im doing my level best, I am. (as we say in Wales)

Im struggling for motivation this week. Maybe this is the psychological equivelent of the wall that althletes hit when the carbs are burned up and they are numb to the pain. They feel 'nothing', and thats hard to beat, its tougher to deal with than the original task and only the winners find the way past it to succeed.

So, my way of dealing with a problem is to side step it and see it from a different perspective. Ive had a misch match of a week, doing nothing much in particular, finishing off some odd jobs like the gas pipe, the bathroom radiator, lifting the fridge and wash machine above finished floor height, and cleaning up.

Occasionally the mess gets so bad I spend too long looking for tools or choking in the dust. Ive done some spring cleaning and moved a lot of junk out.
Ive leak tested the shower tray and calorifier, installed a fan in the bathroom to recirculate warm air and made a home for the AC/DC panel in rediness for connecting wiring circuts. I need to test the wiring so I can move on to finishing the Maple ceiling.

I wanted a panel which is hinged to make connections easier to work on without having to totally remove it. Its over 8 inches deep so I had to build a box around it and to help get the depth, ive cut into the backing board which forms the back of the electrics locker. That way, all the wires will enter from the back and not be on show or in the way.

The panel was a gift from James' 'Arctic Lady', surplus to requirments since her magnificent new fitout. Its overkill for my project but too good to let slip by.

Thanks again James.x


  1. Knock the wall down and keep kickin' a$$ Amy! Good work on the electrical! ;-)


  2. Hey, thanks Rick. Hows your project coming along? Has your tent survived the winter?

  3. Still in the depths of winter here Amy. We got 40 cms over the last few days. The shed has held up well. It was +3C outside yesterday and +12C inside! ;-) Only trouble was having to shovel for an hour to get into the shed! It'll be late April or early May before we get started in earnest. Until then I'll hibernate and watch your project!