Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Slow go Slow

Not a lot to report as of today. Last Friday was a wasted day, even though all hands were, for one fleeting moment, all pulling in the right direction. After that, it all fell apart and the day went downhill.
The first two hull side plates were lined up and tacked in place, then the port side was prematurely welded fully along one side, resulting in the heat build up which buckled it by an inch over just 18 inches length.
The starboard plate wasnt cut acurately and had to be altered. Martin W finished off the stern before departing on 2 weeks hols. The amount of aimless walking round, time wasting, constant interuptions and confusion just contributes to the lack of performance and progress
I walked away before my blood pressure went balistic.

I didnt even bother to return to the yard yesterday as there would be nothing to see and when I arrived today, Aaron was the only person there. He has tens of meters of welds to do and then grind and linish after, so that should keep him busy for the rest of the week.


  1. Hi Ames,

    Better that nothing and a shame about the distortion but you will have some somewhere or at least I have.

    Before you take delivery make sure all the welds are finished before foaming. I spent a week welding bits that were forgotten or not finished properly. Oh and then there were the chain plates for the masts and rings to tie things down. But you have all this in hand I'm sure.


  2. QC audits are my forte. Call me nit picking but I do have an eye for the problem areas that other people dont seem to notice, so rest assured, im going to be taking a long close look. Ive already made a mental note of a few issues which need resolution.

    My mast wont be as big as yours so chain plates arnt required.

  3. Bet you are happy at getting this much done. Let us all know when you take it out for the first time