Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The day the steel base plate finally arrived.

Another exciting day at the yard. More visable progress and its impressive when its large and makes a big statement.

After all the fuss, lies, excuses, delays and silly games, the steel baseplate finally arrived today. The lorry was nothing more than a basic 3 axle flatdeck, and definately not a STGO, abnormal load vehicle, so that highlights yet another lie which I was told. One of the original excuses I was given months ago for the delay was it takes time to arrange extra wide transport with the haulier and Police.
I know this to be incorrect as Ive moved some loads which have been wider than this steel and the Police declined to be involved. I knew it was all lies and this proves it.

Anyway, a rusty plate measuring 31 x 10 feet and weighing 3.4 tons was unloaded and dragged into the workshop by Aaron and the boy wonder, Alex,(hes such a little cutie and only just left school) who showed their 'mettle' (no pun intended). As they did this, amidst a large flash and shower of sparks, they managed to cut a 3 phase cable in half, while Martin W and myself carried on building up the wheelhouse sides.

Another prospective customer spent a few hours on the guided tour, and no doubt, being flanneled by the bull which smelled like '......we can start work on it early next month and it will only take 16 working days to build........So if you can let me have your deposit cheque, I can book a build slot......' HA - That deposit cheque might just be the one thats needed to buy the rest of the steel needed to finish mine, thank you very much.!! What goes around, comes around.

Me thinks he might be waiting untill after the new year as there are rumoured to be 7 more boats already on the order book.

Whilst im telling jokes, ......Martin the boss, came hurredly across the workshop brandishing 2 bottles of Famous Grouse, proclaiming 'Thats the kind of customer I like' after just spending another half hour gassing out in the yard. Erm, wasnt Scotch I had in mind for a finishing present Martin, so dream (not Dram) on.


  1. Yip bloody hee.

    I never thought I would see the day but it is here. A while to go but progress, yes, progress.


  2. Yippee aye yay. Its almost too big to ignore now Billy. Past the point of no return, so it has to be in pole position and finished before another one can jump the queue.

    Got the bugger at last!!