Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Easy Tiger, 2 days on the trot, 2 guys working on MY boat = visable progress. Where are the smelling salts, and I might need a rub down with a wet edition of Canal World

I wasnt flavour of the month when I got to the yard today. Some customers dropped by yesterday, one of whom I have seen there before. So he came over and had a chat with me and said I see thay have made a start on your boat. So I said yes and not before time as its 10 weeks late, to which he replied, thats nothing, Ive been waiting 6 months so far.

Anyway, he cancelled his order in a later meeting. They are now trying to blame me. Cant say im interested or even care. Ive probaly done everyone a favour. Why keep taking on more work when you cant fill the orders? Anyway, no good blaming me, I only told it like it is.

Firstly, a pic of the deck cleats ive been making. Ive always prefered the H type, stronger and more secure than a typical canal boat 'Dolly'

Martin W is now engaged in fabricating the above deck bulkhead, up to the height of the upper deck. This part of it will be inside the wheelhouse and have a flat top.
More pix to follow as and when.

Aaron has been busy making his first keel cooling tank which is welded to the swim side and will be the equivilent of a radiator to keep the engine cool.

Martin W has welded in an angle frame which will support the wheelhouse floor.

Ive grown immune to promises of steel arriving 'tomorrow' or 'in the morning', ive stopped asking because I know its got nothing to do with the weather, the roads, the price, the availablity or the stockholders.

Its got everything to do with Martin Jones not having the money to buy it, but even cynical ole' me was taken aback this afternoon when he aproached me, grinning wryly and he had finaly lost his temper and thrown his toys out of the pram, and demanded 'they' deliver his steel, and that it WILL be there in the morning.
Haha, maybe hes been taking lessons from me, gawd knows ive blown my top with him a few times.

So I take that as code speak for 'He got paid for the boat they sent out last Friday' and at last hes got the money to buy steel for my boat.

I wait with anticipation.

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