Thursday, 15 July 2010

I spoke too soon. One week on from my last post and nothing has been done to the boat. Im past words, I dont have enough expletives left to describe my thoughts and feelings towards a certain person.

You might have gathered, im not in a good mood. I went away for a long weekend, during which time my car died and getting it fixed took another 2 days, so ample time for the yard to finish the narrowboat thats in front of mine. So I called at the yard on Wednesday, expecting to see steel and progress, and all I saw was nothing. They promised that a lorry and crane were coming this morning to take the narrowboat, and that the rest of my base plate steel would arrive at the same time, to be unloaded by the crane.
After that, all available labour would start working on my boat.

So I arrived at the yard mid morning to find they have cancelled the lorry and the narrow boat is still there.

I HATE broken promises. If I had been told next year, I wouldnt have liked it but I could cope with it. Being told tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow all the time is .....I better not say what I feel but those who know me will understand.

Its St Swithins day, and its rained. So I guess that spells the end of summer. The nights are drawing in and we have hardly got past last winter yet. When I ordered the boat last March, and was promised delivery in May, I envisaged having it half fitted out by now.

I cant see it being delivered before mid or end of September. Maybe I should then consider taking 5 months to make the final payment and see just how stressed a certain other person becomes.
Im not a happy bunny. - Understatement.

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