Monday, 19 July 2010

New week, new hope.

No one can ever say im not optimistic. A new week and Im once again hopefull the project will progress, so Ive been back to the yard today.

Two of the guys, Martin W (Martin, employee, known as Martin W) and Aaron have both worked all day on the project and made and fitted the engine room bulkhead, and the stern gunwhales. It sure doesnt seem like a lot to show for a combined 16 hours, but im not paying by the hour, so I cant complain too much.

Ive been making my own deck cleats and the two which are mounted on the stern corners also incorporate the breathers for the two fuel tanks. Pix of these to follow soon.

Last Friday, the sides went on to the swim deck, and the top of the fuel tanks were glued in place.


  1. Nice! neat idea with the breathers.


  2. Yeah its a neat idea, long as the stern cleats dont get ripped out, leaving the top of a fuel open.
    Just cast your mind back to the scene from Jaws when the fish is tied up to the transom and decides to pull the cleats out.!!!