Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Its almost time to take a bow

Just two more sheets and the bow post have made all the difference. Now, from the port side, its not hard to see the size and shape of the whole boat.
Despite Martin telling me how many boats hes made, I still get the feeling this is new territory for him. Trying to make a 3D shape around a compound curve isnt easy which ever material you use but steel has to be one of the more difficult mediums to work with.

But, credit where its due, its looking good at last. I know from doing a wide variety of different jobs, planning and working out how to do it is often the hardest part, after that, its just a case of getting on with it.

Aaron has been welding and grinding all day, and hes slowly but shirley getting through the many yards of welding that now need doing.


  1. Now I am getting excited :)

    You must be starting to get enthused yourself now. All coming together at last and not too far to go......

    For the hull at least.


  2. A wise old addage says, when your 95% done, your half way there.

    The shell looks big and impressive, but its empty. When its finished, the real work starts