Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spray it again Sam

Gerry turned up several hours late but I didnt mind as I was on a roll with the welding in the engine room and didnt want to stop until it was done. I used to enjoy welding but now its a boring chore, so I just want it done and finished. Sadly, I have more left but hey ho.

Gerry and John didnt hang about, from start to finish it was all over in 2 hours including stopping for a gun strip down and unblock. I got suited but not booted, and my bestest walking boots are now well insulated. Notice the self portait, just to prove I realy am on the job.
Its not every day you see a grown man wearing a romper suit, gas mask and with a plastic bag over his head, but I just know Gerry is far too busy to double as a Tory MP or high court Judge. The fine particles of foam cover everything and if you get in the over spray zone, your sure to be stuck.

Im so glad I paid particular attention to the masking around the windows because this foam does not want to let go. Its such a bizarre texture too, like fluffy clotted cream and reminded me so much of the scene from Dr Zhivago when they returned to the country house in winter and the snow had driven in through every crack and formed the most amazing patterns and snow drifts.

Ive also been reminded of the saying, 'Be careful what you wish for'
For months ive wanted something to do, and now ive got my wish. All that foam now has to be cut back and trimmed flush with the battens and the mess is everywhere. By the time I left this evening, the floor was full with debris, so tomorrow is all about cleaning up.


  1. Wow - looks like you had a white xmas in Sept. Seems like a very efficient way to insulate and probably has the added benefit of reducing noise. john

  2. Ames,

    Makes me feel so much better that it's not me doing it. I used a 22" rip saw to cut the panels back that were just a bit proud. But the chips are a nightmare and electostick to everything. Used on its side bit like a side to side draw knife.



  3. Amy
    Did you price up a DIY spray kit ???
    I would be interested to know the how much the prices differ.

  4. How thick is the coating?


  5. Nice...you're moving along. I did the DIY kit route, and I can say I'll never do that again. I'm pretty sure it cost me more than a contractor, and it looks no where near as nice as what your contractor did.


  6. Brian, question answered, he said it best.

    The contractors equipment heats the chemicals for a better thermic reaction so there are no gooey soft spots. It all goes off in 7 seconds.

    Sometimes short cuts turn into long roads.