Sunday, 12 September 2010

Something has hatched

Its been a glorious day. Clear blue skies, a hot sun, and a gentle breeze. Time enough to get more windows fitted without having to dodge the showers.

I also had a chance to research the hairline weld crack which I spotted last night. On the outside, there is a good 7 - 8 inches of weld completely missing, yet some cretin has taken the time to paint over it, which makes me wonder why it wasnt spotted.
I want to see a head on a stick or at least a name on a tombstone for this.


  1. Man - you are really a fast worker. You will be hanging frilly curtains before long. Congratulations. John

  2. I dont think it will be this month John.

    Weather is set wet and windy for the whole week starting early tomorrow morning. They are even forcasting light snow showers for nothern Scotland.
    Ive never heard of that at this time of year before.

  3. There are some nice pain inflecting devices over in Warwick Castle you could use on your builder.
    Your hatches look great!!! Progress soon she'll be water tight and hopefully you'll find all the less than stellar welding issues.

  4. Hi Amy!

    I´m soo pleased to see that you are doing great progress after all the time consuming hardship and worries.
    I know you will be taking care of flaws the builder has left in the building process and that the end result will be beautiful.

    Eager to see the next finished step in the process.



  5. Hi Amy:
    I haven't mentioned how impressed I am with your entire design (er um I mean the boat). YOu are doing a great job. I read thru about this in August and then it slipped my mind till reading one of your posts on CF. Good luck with it!!!! Do you think it might be prudent to go to the boat on a dark night and to place a bright light inside the boat and have a look outside to make sure there are not anymore missed welds. I am concerned if there are such obvious mistakes.

  6. I have placed a 3 million candle power lamp on charge this afternoon to go hole hunting with tonight but I think the battery has died and wont take a charge. Ggrrrrrr.

  7. I had that problem on a battery for my kids toy and it turned out that the water inside the battery had dried out. I had to take the battery apart to figure this out but it worked after that. I bet a drop light would work it will be pretty obvious on a dark night