Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I haven’t posted for almost a month and so much has happened. Its almost impossible to get a net connection which holds for more than 5 consecutive minutes so posting is hard and frustrating work.
The biggest thing has been the move to living aboard. Actually moving on only took a day but ive been busy since with doing all the little jobs which make a boat a home and most importantly, catching up on sleep and rest. Over the last 4 months the tiredness and wrinkles caught up with me and I was seriously worried that turning 50 was taking its toll but im feeling and looking a little better now.

I finally managed to finish off the chest of draws and faced them with Maple and inset them with brass handles. I made a template to fit inside the router collar and then used a straight bit to plunge in and remove enough wood to accept the inset portion of the handle
The top is inch and a quarter thick pine to match the frame and ive treated it all to a couple of coats of Danish oil

Ive also made a combined step/laundry hamper from a few scraps of beech board which I found on the farm. That’s also had the Danish treatment.

Next is the bed.


  1. It only took me two and a quarter hours to upload these pix, a job which normally takes 5 mins. I realy CANNOT believe man has landed on the moon when simple technology like this doesnt work.
    I love a good conspiracy theory, dont you?
    Who killed Diana, is bin laden realy dead, did Neil Armstrong make a movie in the Nevada desert, what realy happened at Roswell?

  2. Sorry to hear about your connection problems - I just bought an Iphone and it took me all of 400 minutes to get the problems out.
    You are doing a beautiful job on the floating home - any name yet?
    A 24 hour news cycle killed Diana, Bin Laden is alive and selling Icelandic Securities out of a secure location, yes - the landing was shot in Nevada - I can show you the flag which is still standing and lets not talk about Roswell before the next election - john

  3. Hey folks, anyone notice Amy's manicured nails in the photos? How many women do you know who can build a beautiful chest of drawers and keep her nails intact, let alone manicured?
    A beautiful woman doing a beautiful job on a beautiful boat.

  4. I'm so glad you are a but ahead of me. I was wondering about the bed lifting mechanism.. I will be in need of you supplier and calculations shortly.

    Apart from my battery incident all is going well on mine.

  5. Top workmanship as usual. Just one question, are those drawers likely to see any significant wave action? If yes, maybe some locking will be needed.

  6. While I am for once able to loock onto this target ( might just be my dissabillities..) I would like to comment,
    Amy you just do not only know how to make them but also how to design them! Beautiful!
    If the boat will ever see serious wave action , I hope to be able to help you out to sort that minior problem.