Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bed time

And so, … bed,… my bed, …the place I love to go when I want to think my thoughts.
The place a few of you fellas have expressed an interest in seeing, so here it is.

Its not just any old bed but one with a lot of storage space beneath. I was going to do the traditional drawer divan but that does waste a lot of space. So ive opted for the lift up base, assisted by gas struts
I googled ‘gas struts’ and found a company which make the whole hinge mechanism, which has saved a lot of time.
They didn’t come with any instructions so I had to make up a mock side and base to work out the hinge position. The moment arm arc radius and deck length when combined with the raised height determine the pivot position. The only constraint I have is my headroom in the boat which is only 6’1, not 8’ which is more usual.

The pressure in the struts is set to my requirements, 950 NM, (Newton metres) based on the weight of the deck and mattress so its easy and simple to lift.
When it reaches 35 degrees, the hinges auto lock and the base has to be lifted another 4 inches before the cam goes over centre and unlocks to enable the mattress to be lowered.

Ive designed the base so that its narrower than the deck and mattress. Theres nothing worse than stubbing your toes on the bed base so the mattress over hangs the deck by one inch and that over hangs the base by another 3 inches.

The rest was simple. I found all the slats on the bonfire down the yard, they were the remains of a Futon bed. The only other materials needed were a sheet of half inch ply and 18 feet of 3x2, 8 bolts, glue, and some 2x1 batten to stiffen the sides with.

To finish off, I will cover the sides with carpet.

Sweet dreams.


  1. Nice job on the bed and chest of drawers Amy, you do know what you are about.


  2. All I can say is "Wow." Great job.

  3. If you had made it tip the other way, you could have motorized it for a Jetsons-esque alarm that slides you out of bed in the mornings!

  4. Brilliant Ames, and welcome aboard.

    When does She get wet?


  5. Hi Amy

    I've just found your blog. Missed it until now as I've been sailing around the world ( ) but thought I'd say hello as we are aren't far away from you in Worcester, down by Diglis Basin.

    Anyway, I've noticed you've commented a few times about losing blog posts because your wifi dropped. I suggest you download Live Writer (free from Microsoft) as this allows you to prepare blogspot posts offline and then post them when convenient. It allows you to keep re-trying if you lose connection while uploading. My wife used this to create blog entries while we were in the middle of the ocean, just posting the text over a satellite phone connection, then sending the pics when in port. I hope you aren't using a mac though as Live Writer doesn't work on them so I've just wasted my time writing and your time reading this comment!

    Good luck for the rest of the build.


  6. Hello and welcome Mike.
    After circumnavigating, what in the world brought you to Diglis?

    Thanks for the tip, I will look into the Live Writer but im hoping that when I get the mast made, its going to solve my poor comms situation. Im not sure where my signal is coming from and im surrounded by buildings which cant be helping.

    If you both fancy a trip to Malvern to see 'boat', let me know and I would be interested to hear about your travels and adventures

  7. Hi again

    Im harldy surprised that the USA are losing their grip on the world if its run by microshyte and google.

    A few people have commented recently that they cant read or sign into blogs and now it wont let me sign in either which means im a nony mouse.

    I do seriously question the ability to do a moon shot.


  8. Hi again Amy

    We lived in an old house out in the country near Bromsgrove for over 20 years. When we decided to go sailing we knew we couldn't leave that place unoccupied and it wasn't suitable for renting out so we sold and bought a place at Diglis Water. Top floor, overlooking the Severn (and the Malverns) and the lock from the Severn to Diglis Basin.

    Would love to meet up. Got 18 monthsof paperwork to sort out and then we'll get around to socialising. Will be in touch.


  9. Hi Amy!
    Love the layout and thinking time spent on that bed , is not storage space below really one of the few things that separates a truly good from average bed!?
    Well Amy I sure love it in a platonic sence.
    You have a mail that is long overdue in awnsering from me.

    Hope the boat are soon floating!
    Take care and keep up the lovely work!

  10. Hi - do you read the Canal World Forum? Seems your shell builder recently went bust! You got out just in time , others have lost money/boats.

  11. Hi Sue
    I was drummed out of the forum for stating a few home truths. It seems the good naieve people of Britain wish to leave their heads in the sand and wait to get their butts kicked rather than heed the warnings from someone more enlightened.
    Ostriches, you have been warned

    M&D appear to have done exactly what I feared they might. I was listening to Jeremy Vine show and a builder quite rightly said if a builder asks for money up front, be very wary. If they have genuinely been running a good business for several years they should have the funds/credit to at least start your project so there is at least something to see when your asked for a stage payment.

    Im not a shyster (lawyer) but there must be some kind of pro forma way of writing a contract which states you the customer ownes what ever part you have just paid for with a stage payment so you have security in the event of the firms collapse, rather than a receiver walking in, locking the doors and selling it all for 10p in the pound, usually back to the builder, to start over in another name whilst laughing all the way to the costa playa as I believe the Jonses have.

    Im amazed they have the insanity to take so many peoples dreams and money then start up again just a few doors down in the same yard.

    Maybe its time the agrieved hired a hitman and not a solicitor?

    By the way, this stupid blog still wont recognise me and im signing in as anon. A me

  12. awesome work, amy!!!!! your talent and intelligence and ingenuity are precious... beautiful work!