Thursday, 14 April 2011

The woodshop

Do you like my woodshop?

Its so convenient having this old cowshed adjacent to the boat and the couple of leaks in the roof dont cause as many problems as the Swallows which nest in the beams, dropping their crap on everything below.

This seasons breeders made an early appearance two weeks ago when the first couple arrived all the way from South Africa. They have already made a tour of the shed so I need to get a move on and ship out before the eggs hatch


  1. Never look back, but walk softly so you can hear back there. Harley--Nevada City, California

  2. 4 months now Amy. tippy tap, tippy tap, that's the sound of my fingers tippy tapping on the desk while I wait for updates on here! tippy tap, tippy tap, tippy tap.......


  3. Looks very nice, but does it float? come on you need a bottle of champs and a crane then your away :-) Pete7

  4. are you still out there ? did you ever launch if so well done how about finishing your story cheers Andy