Tuesday, 12 April 2011


There is nothing like comfort to make a place into a home, and having spent the last 22 months living in a flat with cold hard floors, I MUST have carpet.
So I set off with a handfull of cash, cos we all know deals can be done with crisp currency and I came home with enough carpet and underlay to cover almost 28 sq mts, allowing for wastage.
I have a go at most jobs but I hate fitting carpets. The chance of cutting it too small is always the worry and carpet fitters earn their money. Anyway, I had to just get on and do it. Two lucky carpets, at least they got laid.

Sure enough its made all the difference and within a few hours its changed the whole outlook and feel of the place.


  1. Cap'n Amy,

    I can't believe you had an opportunity have beautiful varnished floors and you bought carpet! Arrgggghhh!!!! How could you do that?


    Oh well, it's your boat and soon to be your home so I guess it d*rn well better be the way you like it.

    I must confess I'm still worried about small leaks from the welding job early in the project. I know that you went round and checked everything but I would hate for you to drop it in the river and be up to your knees in water.

    When's the launch date?



  2. Hi Brian
    Some of us have had a hard life, making do with the bare basics, living within our means and going without, so the current fashion trend for bare floors holds no novelty for me.

    I need to book the crane for half a day and leave boat in the slings for a few hours whilst I pull up the floors and check the bilges for leaks. Thats about the best I can do. The alternative was to drop it in the water before I started but that would have cost well over another grand.

    I dont have a budget for launch date but im guessing late summer, early fall.

  3. I hope everything goes well for you on launch day Amy. You deserve some good luck after all the setbacks of this project.

    One thing that does spring to mind is trimming the boat. How will you know if it is balanced fore and aft or was that part of the design consideration?