Monday, 2 August 2010

Still no change

I took the pix so we may as well see them. Martin has been on his own today, still doing a bit but its hard when the phone keeps ringing.
The shelf in the pointy end is the floor of the forward locker which will be both gas locker and anchor locker.


  1. OK Amy,

    daft question... what exactly are you building? It looks like a narrow boat.


    "Minty's Pilot"

  2. At 10'6'' its larger than a narrowboat. Its a widebeam with a few subtle differences

  3. Is it sea-going? Or freshwater?

    I always though you were a "salty" girl....


  4. Salty, but never bitter.
    There are 4 catagories of RCD - recreational craft directives - the rules which all EU manufactured boats have to conform to.
    A, B, C and D.
    Cat D is the lowest and most common. It permits all vessels built to that design and standard to use inland waterways.
    Cat C, which this one will be, includes inland plus inshore, which does allow a crossing of the English chanel, provided waves are no more than 2 mts high, and subject to having the correct training and experience.
    B, is an offshore catagory
    A includes all above plus oceanic