Saturday, 14 August 2010

Giving up the will to live

Martin W has been back from holls this week. I was promised I would have the boat before he returned but, alas no. This week has seen about 1 days work done. Aaron started the week off with a dash to hospital after putting down a 9'' sander and reaching over the still spinning disc and taking a slice out of his wrist. Hes in plaster and off for the next few weeks.

Another long suffering customer announced he was calling this week to see his boat, so Martin W has spent a few days cutting and welding plate to resemble the rudiments to keep the customer happy. Needless to say, he was umimpressed. Poor chap must have been expecting to see a finished hull but only saw 12' of plate on the floor with yellow marker paint detailing the various stations.

Martin the boss finally decided to confide in me on Thursday. I thought the subject of money might be the catalyst and so it came to pass. Yes, he wants some more from me and that conversation brought an admission that hes been moody and miserable, but not just with me, its everybody. Hes been under a lot of pressure apparantly. Getting hassle from all sides, both at work and at home.
It didnt stop him taking off to Paris for 4 days last week with the family, leaving Martin W with no wages, no steel to build my deck and 9 empty argon bottles in the yard and only 1 half bottle attached to a welder. How do you expect people to work with no materials? A time and a place Martin, to work and to play. Prioritise wisely.

On a better note, Martin has now admitted I was right 4 months ago when I told him to employ more people. 2 new guys are starting on Monday. The business is 5 boats behind this year and thats crippled the company for cash flow. Customers have been let down, at least 2 I know of have cancelled orders and the rest have been pissed off.

At least the hull is complete now and the bow is ready for the forward bulkhead.
The space under the forward deck will hold the water tanks. I need a larger tank than Martin was going to provide. He wants an extra £350 to double up the capacity so ive decided to supply my own tanks but I need a little more space, so the deck has been raised a few inches to accomodate this. The gas locker is almost done and just needs a watertight lid.


  1. At least I only have myself to blame for laziness and low productivity on my boat. I'd be irate if I was paying people and not seeing any progress.

  2. For over 4 months its driven me mad to watch the antics of these guys. Imagain climbing into a boat, manouvering yourself into a tight space and then realising you dont have your tape, chalk, or the power isnt switched on and you having to climb back out, get whatever, then climb back in again.

    These are the mistakes and antics of kids, school leavers who have been used to being told what, where , when etc. So called professionals shouldnt be performing on this junior level.
    All I can say is, im glad I havent been paying per hour, but, I have been delayed several months because of these elementary mistakes and a few other factors