Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hello again

Where does one start? Its obviously been a very long time since I not only made a contribution to my blog but even since i visited the site, and as I have so often discovered when reading old journals and diaries, life is different now compared to then. I was full of expectation, a degree of naivety, novelty, youth, exuberance.............we were all young once. If I continue with this blog, its possible it will take two directions. The first being to update and chart further boat news and progress and secondly to employ it for more personal reflection on myself and life in general. Last week saw the 5th anniversary of the commencement of the fit out and this very moment 5 years ago, I would have been busy doing 3 jobs at once, tiring myself out, getting cut and bruised and losing weight. In some ways Ive done very little real boat work after I moved on board and got settled in. Life took over and I just got on with doing other things like earning some money and getting a social life. Maybe I got a little burned out with it, maybe the novelty wore off, maybe I just needed distracting for a while. I guess it was a reflection of my state of mind and when ever something broke down or simply didn't work right, I begrudgingly did a quick fix just to pacify the problem, so that I could go on ignoring it again. For that reason, Ive been feeling somewhat guilty about the part finished status of the project and yet it seems I need not have worried unduly. I can identify with the Buddhist saying 'When the Pupil is ready, the teacher will appear' or in my case, I will get back to it when the time is right And so it seems the right time is indeed now. My state of mind seems to be happy, content and ready to accept some more of the challenge at last. Its therefore ironic that on the very day after the 5th anniversary of Boat landing, I had a call from a friend. Terry had just spent a week on a wide beam, cruising the Kennet and Avon and he called to tell me that the engine was being pulled and replaced with a bigger one and was therefore for sale with all bits and bobs and @ 3000 hours on the clock, which in diesel boat engine terms is barely run in To that end, I have this very morning been and collected the engine and right now its sitting on a pallet outside having just had a good clean so I can get a better look at it About the only jobs left to be done on Boat are in the engine room - hooking up the engine, and the one thing which has psychologically held me back, nay, made it easier to ignore is the fact the Peugeot engine isnt a marine engine. That is to say its got no marine heritage and will be difficult to set up and get certificated. An Isuzu by comparison is very different, so that will be the next project. But, I have skipped a lot here and shall endeavor to chronicle as much as I can.


  1. Hello Amy!

    Good to hear from you again. It's been a while...

    Life is full of twists and turns ain't it? You have made more progress on your life afloat than I have, that's for sure. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms - it's been that long since I last stepped foot on a boat. Sigh!

    Good luck with the engine. Hope the installation goes as smoothly as it can do, with not too many bruises!

    Will email you - if your email address is the same. It would be good to catch up...

    Best wishes


  2. And here's me thinking you waz ded or summat.

    Welcome back Ames.

  3. Hey, thanks Guys
    Yes im still a thing, still here too.
    Paid job is quiet this week so im continuing to get a few important jobs done before winter
    The chimney occasionally needs a rub down and re paint and ive discovered the cast iron deck collar has a leak so its coming off this morning to be cleaned up, painted and a new silicone seal applied
    The fore deck also needs another coat to keep rust away

    will update blog with more soon

    1. I'm also pleased to see you on the roster, so to speak. Yes a floating life is always a project to maintain everything, BUT it 's easy to remove ones home from the neighborhood if the climate is not appealing there, eh sis?

  4. welcome back !! great to see you back on board so to speak cant wait for more cheers Andy

  5. And here we are again, another year older, and wiser too. Im sad to report that my laptop died - after I bashed its brains out in a fit of temper one night because, like in the sketch when Basil Fawlty lost his temper with the car and gave it a good thrashing, I too had warned it for the last time, and you know anything 'Windoze' deserves it anyway. I never liked that lefty little shit Bill Gates or his computers.
    So I killed it, .....and all my Boat pix were lost with it.
    So this is the only pictorial record I now have of my achievement

  6. Hi Amy
    Nice to hear from you. "Another year older" - tell me about it!!!
    Now living on a boat although for how much longer is anyone's guess (it's complicated).
    Best wishes

  7. Ooo, I don't appear to be much of a wannabe according to google...

  8. And another year has past
    Business has really hit me for 6 this year
    I've worked round the clock at times and the boat has been my refuge bed and shower
    The webasto heater gave me so many problems last winter
    I foolishly threw good money after bad and ended up conceding defeat and ripped it out
    The Squirell stove was my only heating but with the erratic nature of my work it isn't what I need as it only works if I'm there to stoke it
    So that came out too and I did what I should have done 7 years ago and I bought a Refleks stove
    It gives 6 kw of heat and runs 3 radiators plus room heat and runs on oil, so no messy wood, ash no carrying or splitting logs

    What's not to like?