Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lets get started

This is how we do it.

Take one stubborn genny, raid the scrap yard for a 12v starter motor, purchase a 6'' Vee pulley, add in a Vee belt, heavy duty switch, some random bits of steel and turn a clever little bit of engineering.

The genny has been lifted off its wheeled trolly to facilitate easier access. Here is the crank handle which engages with the starter dog. Remove the housing and dog. Replace with same diameter shaft containing keyway and end tapped for retaining bolt.
Cut down the housing just enough to keep the oil seal inside. Fit to engine block.
Add the pulley and tighten up retaining screw and bolt.
Make up a base plate to provide a pivot point for the starter motor mounting plate and bolt to the genny base plate.
Cut out a hole in another piece of steel for the stater motor to pass through and bolt in place. Cut off the end of the solenoid plunger and add a spot of weld to the motor shaft to stop the bendix flicking in and out.
Glue on a handle, add a switch and wire it up to the solenoid.
Fit the toothed Vee belt, clear the decks, connect the battery, depress the decompression lever, pull handle to tension belt, hit the button and it fires up in 2 seconds.

Yabba dabba DO IT.

Just another day in the life of a genius. ok, it was about a month on and off but its a big achievment.

ps. No Elf and safety lectures please, Britain invented the world before we had the nanny state and we have acheived little since.


  1. Wow. That's an impressive bit of ingenuity!

  2. Glad to see you back online - Good work.

  3. Steve from Marcle here.

    Does the starter stop running after its started, if not, I'd be concerned about the brass bushes in the motor. I did something similar on my dumper, but used a flywheel off an old Rover engine for the starter ring. Perhaps you could use a starter ring plate off an automatic?

  4. Wow. Memory Lane day today, reminding me how I used to get stuff done before I became a lasy cow.
    If only I could solve human problems with such clarity and drive.
    Why cant a human be more like a machine?, Machines are such reasonable creatures. They are Binary - they either work or they dont.
    Humans, on the other hand......Meh, ......over rated me thinks.